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Nyemade Boiwu

Nyemade Boiwu is an award-winning speaker, writer and digital content strategist and much more. As a plus-size, African immigrant woman who grew up in conservative upstate New York, She is passionate about using her voice to help bridge the gap between various groups of people. She strives to use her talent for communication to raise awareness about various social issues and encourage individuals to see things from the perspective of others.

Over the past 14 years, she has held various leadership roles while working for one of the leading banks in the country. She helped to oversee employee network groups such as the Toastmasters and the Diversity and Inclusion Network. She has been responsible for creating or restructuring the training curriculum for multiple lines of business and facilitated numerous focus groups with the intent of identifying and improving associate satisfaction. She has also been the liaison between the bank and various community non-profits to help organize volunteers and fundraising efforts. 

In addition to her career, helping others has always been important to Nyemade. Her passion for trying to improve the lives of others has led her to be immersed with the local community in Delaware. Organizations she’s affiliated with include: NAMI Delaware, Every Man Counts, Empower & Educate and the Academy for Peace.

Along with making strides to have a positive impact in the community, through writing and social media, she uses her talent for communication to raise awareness about important issues and entertain others. Those endeavors include: Creator of National Plus Guide, Lifestyle Editor for Queen Size Magazine, Freelance writer for various publications,  Co-host of YouTube series More Than My Size, Host of YouTube Vlogs, Host of IG Live series about mental health and self-love,  Social Media Correspondent, Guest panelist and workshop facilitator.

There’s a lot to know about her but more than anything, she believes in collaboration over competition. She loves working with individuals and groups from all backgrounds, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her.






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