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Janet Conroy-Quirk

Janet Conroy-Quirk is a writer, speaker, actress and advocate. She holds a BA in Communications from Fordham University, and an MSW degree from CUNY (The City University of New York) Hunter College. Janet worked in New York City social service settings for over fifteen years, particularly with the aging and homeless populations.

Janet then pursued acting, appearing in numerous stage productions in NYC (off and off-off Broadway). Her resume includes web appearances with and, as well as several documentaries and the feature film “Outbound.” She continues to perform and serve as a consultant on various creative projects.
Janet’s freelance writing career began with sharing her experiences living in a fat body. She then served as Editor-in-Chief of Bold Magazine.
She is also a cast member of Realize Your Beauty, a non-profit organization that utilizes plays, workshops & camps to promote self-esteem, body positivity, and eating disorder awareness amongst young people.

Janet is active in fat advocacy at all levels, and believes that “The sharing of stories is a powerful method of creating connections and fostering empowerment by putting a piece of ourselves in the minds and memories of others.”

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